Game crashes when starting (v6.33)

For PC (Windows) specific help with technical issues running the game.
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'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
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Crash at start will very often mean not reaching minimum requirements.

Please send us your computer description (with file Ghost of a Tale\GoaT_CreateReport.cmd) or maybe a crashlog (created with date name aside the game executable).

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let's try again, then today I had chose to give another try (with ghost of a tale_v6.60) but I had a bad news. Because the buffer overflow is still there... According to Windows (specially the TaskManager (aka "taskmgr.exe")), the process has reach almost 2 Go right before the crash...

The crash could be explain by the installer ? Because the second time, I had reconfigure my list (to resume : open the panel Nvidia ===> add GoaT.exe ===> select to run the program with the nvidia card) and it didn't crash. But there is something strange because apparently the game remain heavy (like I said almost 2 Go)... Unless it was another error (record) ? How much ? In fact, it was a lot more than 2 Go ?
Then do you believe this amount of RAM is really normal ?

PS : There is a difference between GOG and Steam ? You can't rectify the installer ?
Because if remember correctly Steam won't made (or it will avoid) this kind of mistake. Because when you proceed the (re)installation of any game, it will add the game inside the Nvidia list (when it's necessary).

And no it ("update the driver") doesn't seem to change anything... Because yesterday I had install the latest one (Nvidia_v391.35 as today).
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I think there are a few conflicts that may be preventing game crashing same problem here.
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