May 132013

How to make a crab 1For those of you interested in the more technical aspects of the game’s development I thought I would present the method I used to create the crab model. As a side note, I’ll have to spread that presentation over several updates, as Indiegogo only allows for one picture per update.  Before starting to work on the model, I always surround myself with visual references (photographs, paintings) and make mental notes of aspects I will emphasize in order to end up with a model that’ll be interesting enough.

It all starts with a simple cube (within Maya), followed by other cubes to roughly represent all the body parts and get a feel for the overall volume of the limbs. As you can see, it’s all very blocky and I do not worry about details at this stage. It’s best to check that everything looks as expected now (in terms of overall morphology), as it will become more difficult to change things further down the line.

Then I start to work on the body parts in Zbrush (bottom picture), simply refining the broad shapes. Again, not caring too much about details yet; just roughing in the main volumes. Note that at this stage I already know I’ll have to open the arms of the creature so I can get a better look while sculpting. But starting with the arms folded ensured that the crab would eventually be able to get into that pose later on. Continue reading »

May 032013

The campaign is now nearing its end (a bit more than one week left) and it looks like reaching its goal is going to be very hard indeed. So once again, if you haven’t done so yet, please mention the project to your friends or followers. It’s kind of important… 🙂

And as a reminder, “Ghost of a Tale” is on Steam Greenlight (in the Concepts section). The page is here: and you can help the project by upvoting it.

Now here’s a new video for you. Another character sneak peek from the game. Well, more of a “monster” sneak peek actually. This one is a truly dangerous beast; it’s almost as tall as the undead rats and something tells me there’s no negotiating with him either! Finally let me mention a new and very in-depth article/interview about “Ghost of a Tale”:  It even has behind-the-scene screenshots!