Jul 012013

Thumbnail skeletal rat rises(Un mot pour les francophones a la fin de ce message)

Hello everyone, It is my pleasure today to announce the opening of the official website for the game, located at: http://www.ghostofatale.com

The site has been meticulously prepared and developed by David, who will also serve as community manager on the forums. These forums will present the opportunity for you to express your opinion on all aspects of the game. You can also ask questions and offer suggestions and we will do our best to answer those in a timely fashion. Of course posts will be made on the site’s home page to update you on the game’s progress.

I am still currently working on preparing the perks (post cards) to be sent next month, which will be followed by T-shirts and finally figurines in August. Quite a few of you still haven’t answered my emails regarding postal address confirmation and T-shirt size, so at some point I’ll have to assume you don’t really need those (which is totally fine by me).

Finally, just a quick word to let you know Jeremiah (the game’s composer) recently sent me the first official track for the game and it is fantastic. I’m pretty sure you guys will love it! :) Cheers, Seith

PS: Les francophones parmi vous pourrons trouver une section francaise dans les forums ou il vous sera possible de vous exprimer dans la langue de Moliere!

May 112013

Unity game engine logo

Unity gallery articleAlso today “Ghost of a Tale” is Indiegogo’s Campaign of the Day on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, which should hopefully be very helpful in terms of visibility. So thank you to the Indiegogo people who obviously believe in this project and went out of their way to help it!

Yesterday Brian Fargo (a video-game legend) was kind enough to tweet about the project to his thousands of followers. And I hadn’t even contacted him! :)

Finally Unity 3d (the company that makes the engine I use) just featured Ghost of a Tale on their site! So you’ll find an interview there regarding the development of the game, along with behind-the-scene screenshots of the editor: http://unity3d.com/gallery/made-with-unity/profiles/lionel-gallat-ghost-of-a-tale Enjoy!

Apr 222013

Here’s a better look at one of the undead rats that was seen on the video. This is one of the more heavily armored ones. They’re not very fast, but they can kill you with one well-adjusted blow (as opposed to what you see in the video). Let’s not forget that compared to your small mousy self they are indeed towering giants!

Again, this is simply the game asset directly within Unity, as it appears in-game. No fancy CG makeup. Keen-eyed ones among you will no doubt notice the royal sigil of the Rat King painted on the shield. Although it’s seen better days. Too much salty water if you ask me… :) Incidentally, the character’s pose is the one used for the figurine available on the campaign page. Et pour les francophones parmi vous, voici l’interview a laquelle j’ai participe avec Florent de IndyGamecast: http://indygamecast.net/2013/04/shortcast-3-interview-de-seith/  (Merci Florent!)