Jul 012013

Thumbnail skeletal rat rises(Un mot pour les francophones a la fin de ce message)

Hello everyone, It is my pleasure today to announce the opening of the official website for the game, located at: http://www.ghostofatale.com

The site has been meticulously prepared and developed by David, who will also serve as community manager on the forums. These forums will present the opportunity for you to express your opinion on all aspects of the game. You can also ask questions and offer suggestions and we will do our best to answer those in a timely fashion. Of course posts will be made on the site’s home page to update you on the game’s progress.

I am still currently working on preparing the perks (post cards) to be sent next month, which will be followed by T-shirts and finally figurines in August. Quite a few of you still haven’t answered my emails regarding postal address confirmation and T-shirt size, so at some point I’ll have to assume you don’t really need those (which is totally fine by me).

Finally, just a quick word to let you know Jeremiah (the game’s composer) recently sent me the first official track for the game and it is fantastic. I’m pretty sure you guys will love it! 🙂 Cheers, Seith

PS: Les francophones parmi vous pourrons trouver une section francaise dans les forums ou il vous sera possible de vous exprimer dans la langue de Moliere!

Jun 022013

Photo skeletal rat figurinesHello everyone! Today I’ve started sending emails to all of you whose donation qualifies for the extended alpha trailer music by Jeremiah Pena. The email contains the link to download the MP3 file. So if you haven’t received this email (it mentions “Ghost of a Tale” in the subject), please check your junk mail folder to see if the message wasn’t filtered by mistake.

If however you have not received the email, then please wait for 24 hours to allow for potential technical delays on the server side. Then send me a private message (through Indiegogo) with your email address and let me know you haven’t received my email.

So far the only mail delivery error I got (out of the hundreds of sent emails) is for the following address: [email protected]… (name of the carrier hidden). The server says “Boite du destinataire archivee“. So if you are Maxouel, then please contact me with an email address where you can be reached!

Also, within the next couple of weeks I will send an email to all of you who are scheduled to receive post-cards, T-shirts and/or figurines. In this email I will ask for you to confirm your postal mailing address, or let me know if you do not require any perks. In the case of T-shirts I will ask as well for the size of your liking.  Finally here’s a better look at the petrified rat figurine. I’m still fairly busy preparing the perks and believe me, I am very eager to go back to work on the game full-time! 🙂

Apr 112013

There’s a new audio interview on “Et Tu, Gamer?” that’s available for those of you who are not afraid of venturing through my French accent. Here it is: http://ettugamer.com/2013/04/09/ghosts-and-tales/  It touches upon several topics regarding “Ghost of a Tale”, including the music. Which reminds me that I’ll never be able to overstate the work that Jeremiah Pena (the composer) has achieved on the video.

Mouse overlooks dangerous rocks

The alpha trailer was actually edited using another unrelated music of his. In fact I was of a mind to keep that very cue but he was fairly confident he could come up with a better, more appropriate composition. So it’s only after the basic editing was established that Jeremiah started his work. And boy did he manage to capture the spirit of the game ever so wonderfully. But you’ll be able to hear about that and more in the linked interview, for which I’d like to thank Stephen of course! 🙂