Aug 302013

Hey guys, this is a quick perks-related update: you’ll be glad to know the T-shirts and post-cards all shipped. So hopefully you’ll get them fairly soon (please allow the time for snail-mail to reach you before panicking!). I really hope you’ll like those…


On the topic of the figurines we hit a small problem though: the final result was not solid enough to survive shipping with enough certainty so they’re back to the sculptor who will attempt to make them more solid. Sorry for the delay, but you will eventually get them! Ideally before the end of September. Although I can’t promise anything before I hear back from the sculptor of course.

I’ll do a game-related update very, very soon! 🙂

Aug 112013

Hello everyone, this is a quick update to let you know that the cards will be leaving by mail on Monday. I’m very happy with the printing quality and the paper is rather thick and glossy. I hope you’ll like them!


The T-shirts are also on their way from the manufacturer (I should get a sample very soon). They should be dispatched to you within a couple of weeks at the latest.

The sculptor will ship the figurines by tomorrow, so all in all I would say we’re still on track to fit in the original campaign’s perks calendar.

Oh, and the game’s development is going very smoothly as well. Plenty of new assets, animations and models. I would love to be able to show you guys some new stuff, but that will have to wait for another update… 😉

Jul 152013

Hi guys, Seith here.

First a quick word regarding the cards perk from the campaign; the files are at the printer’s and I was hoping to be able to start sending those this month. But due to my insistence on working on the game as much as possible (and not keeping my eyes on the perks clock) I’ll only be able to send those next month. The delay is also compounded by my deciding to print a test batch to make sure the result is going to be to top notch before launching the whole process. This might mean the other perks delivery may slip by a couple of weeks as well, I’m not sure yet.

On the other end, I’m happy to report that the game is making great progress (with the help of a few very talented people). So here are a few things that have been changed/improved since the alpha trailer:

  • Gamepad support has been fully implemented. I never thought I would one day utter those words, but I actually prefer using the gamepad to test the game now.
  • Several concept art pieces were created (thanks Adam!).
  • Player control and animation have been completely overhauled; better collision detection, smooth transitions, new interaction animations, etc…
  • Started implementing sneak mode (I can’t say much more about that yet).
  • Started implementing dialog/interaction support. This is linked to the game’s UI and is still very much a work in progress.
  • Dynamics are on! The mouse’s hood is now completely dynamic, it responds to the mouse’s movements; this saves a lot of work on the animation side and looks really neat to boot (thanks Enrique!).
  • New fur (thanks Dariusz!), cloth and environmental shaders with multi-layered POM and tessellation support (thanks Andy!). This allows the texture work to really pop.
  • New interactive bending vegetation (thanks Dominik!). Bushes and grass react to the player running through them. It really adds a nice touch.
  • Player character awareness system; it’s a mouthful to just say that the mouse is aware of what’s around him, even if the player isn’t. So if you run about and the mouse notices something he’s going to turn his attention to it. In other words his body language will clue you in about interesting features you might have missed.

And that’s it for now… 🙂

Of course some of those things you guys might take for granted in games nowadays. But the thing is, in Unity you have to create pretty much everything from scratch. It’s a lot of work, but on the plus side it also means that you can create exactly what you need.

Finally, just a little picture of our mighty hero for you:


Jul 012013

Thumbnail skeletal rat rises(Un mot pour les francophones a la fin de ce message)

Hello everyone, It is my pleasure today to announce the opening of the official website for the game, located at:

The site has been meticulously prepared and developed by David, who will also serve as community manager on the forums. These forums will present the opportunity for you to express your opinion on all aspects of the game. You can also ask questions and offer suggestions and we will do our best to answer those in a timely fashion. Of course posts will be made on the site’s home page to update you on the game’s progress.

I am still currently working on preparing the perks (post cards) to be sent next month, which will be followed by T-shirts and finally figurines in August. Quite a few of you still haven’t answered my emails regarding postal address confirmation and T-shirt size, so at some point I’ll have to assume you don’t really need those (which is totally fine by me).

Finally, just a quick word to let you know Jeremiah (the game’s composer) recently sent me the first official track for the game and it is fantastic. I’m pretty sure you guys will love it! 🙂 Cheers, Seith

PS: Les francophones parmi vous pourrons trouver une section francaise dans les forums ou il vous sera possible de vous exprimer dans la langue de Moliere!