Oct 202013

This is a quick update on the figurines: they have at last come back from the sculptor’s (Thomas & Elise) who worked on making them a little more sturdy so they are able to survive shipping!


After several tests we’ve found the best way to protect them: we put them in a plastic bag and fill it with what’s called “exfoliated vermiculite”, which is basically powdered/crushed volcanic rocks. That substance is not organic (so it’s fine for international shipping), but it is also very light yet firm enough that it can maintain the figurine safely from all angles and safely absorb the effects of inertia.

Figurine package

Each figurine is numbered and they’ll be shipping early this week. And then an army of undead rats will be unleashed upon the world!

May 152013

The final countdown has started… Five days! And still a lot of help is required in order to reach the goal! If you can think of a few news outlets that haven’t already done an article on the game, please let me know! Meanwhile here’s a new wallpaper featuring a scary looking undead rat and his rusty axe.  Same drill, the Zip file contains seven different resolutions for both aspect ratios (4:3 and 16:9).  Enjoy! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/101126402/W…

Wallpaper featuring rat

Apr 302013

So you thought the only “life” form on the Island of Periclave was the undead garrison of the Rat King? Think again… 🙂

The island is located in the middle of the great Lake Vaelias and the frogs have lived there for a very long time, despising the wars of the hairy ones with all their disgusting ears and tails.  When the rats built their citadel the frogs were driven back to their underwater caves and temple. But now… Now something has happened on the island. As a side note there’s less than 14 days left before the deadline. Will we make it? I certainly hope so!

Apr 222013

Here’s a better look at one of the undead rats that was seen on the video. This is one of the more heavily armored ones. They’re not very fast, but they can kill you with one well-adjusted blow (as opposed to what you see in the video). Let’s not forget that compared to your small mousy self they are indeed towering giants!

Again, this is simply the game asset directly within Unity, as it appears in-game. No fancy CG makeup. Keen-eyed ones among you will no doubt notice the royal sigil of the Rat King painted on the shield. Although it’s seen better days. Too much salty water if you ask me… 🙂 Incidentally, the character’s pose is the one used for the figurine available on the campaign page. Et pour les francophones parmi vous, voici l’interview a laquelle j’ai participe avec Florent de IndyGamecast: http://indygamecast.net/2013/04/shortcast-3-interview-de-seith/  (Merci Florent!)