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by seapunksundog
Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:58 pm
Forum: PC - Bugs & Issues
Topic: Just a couple of bugs
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Just a couple of bugs

[*]I found the mysterious paper the note and solved the corresponding puzzle before getting the new clue paper from the lady mouse thief. When I went to inspect the new note, it gave me the "this item is of no interest" prompt. These events might have the same variable? [*] At the very beginning of ...
by seapunksundog
Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:50 pm
Forum: Your suggestions
Topic: Some ideas and critiques!
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Some ideas and critiques!

Hey there! I recently finished the pre-release version and I'm super impressed with it!! I just have a few ideas and little criticisms with it here and there i thought I should share! :) [*]It was not very obvious that I was being poisoned by the mushrooms in the sewer. Took me a few deaths to reali...