What is torrent and why do I need it?

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I see that many users have started to work intensively with torrent and talk about what a great platform it is. I, too, got interested and decided to ask you. Does anyone here work with torrent. If so, what is it and why do we need it at all?
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Let's say we have a big file and let's say it's a movie. We, want to share it with the whole world. Naturally, if everyone starts asking us for that file, our PC will go crazy. It could also be shut down. In order to reduce the load on the server and the files were downloaded faster and were always available, the torrent protocol was developed. Download torrent on your laptop for free is enough to start using it. You can do it all by using https://piratebayproxy.rocks/. I hope I explained it to you sensibly.
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Torrent is a special protocol designed for exchanging files between users. The main feature of this protocol is that users download files not from some server, but from each other - in fact, directly from their personal computers.
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