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Re: Suggest Enemy types!

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:33 am
by evilkinggumby
david wrote:A GoaT goat? That's a terrific in-reference! :lol: If Seith can pull it off, in terms of size (b'cos all the animals we've seen so far seem to be to real-life scale... relative to each other) and a goat would be a colossus compared to a mouse. Even so, if it is doable, it would be fun as heck. ;)
That would be impressive. I could see having a few larger creatures in some areas as part of the general landscape you have to navigate, or part of a puzzle. WHat kind of food would you have to collect and bring to get a goat to move and let you pass? How might you sooth an angry fox who's hurt?

ANd.. for those with the stomach.. a platforming section (with stealth) where you have to navigate a pasture full of cows and avoid their methane clouds of death while avoiding being out in broad daylight as Hawks circle overhead.. hehehe Spend too much time lingering, get gassed to death. Hurry along into the sun and risk getting clipped by the birds. Pretty tricky.. hehehe

Heck have a river with spawning salmon and make it a jumping puzzle where you have to time your leaps just right to hop across them to the other side. :)