Where do you go when you want to check match history for a game you recently played?

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Where do you go when you want to check match history for a game you recently played? Chances are, it's probably the client or a community website. Very few players use our official Match History site, and we're okay with that.

Web match history is in a similar situation as Clubs was: Community sites have done amazing things with the match data provided by our APIs, far surpassing our site. So, as with Clubs, we're going to fully hand things over to these experts. On Sep 7th around 19:00 CET, the League Web Match History site will be permanently taken offline.

A few key notes:

The client will still have a match history page
We're not shutting down third party access to match history data, though we are transitioning to a new service for it. Our Developer Relations team will continue to support third party sites during the transition.
We're also creating a solution for esports sites that should be an improvement to how they currently get data. Technically unrelated to regular match history, but worth mentioning.
Here are a few sites you can bookmark for your web match history needs :
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Thank you so much for this informative post here but where do you usually check different League of Legends scores? Probably someone here knows some reliable sites.
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Hello guys, well, as for me, I adore League of Legends too and usually I check various lol scores right here on https://tips.gg/lol/matches/ because it's a reliable and very useful website where you can check all the necessary information without any problems so I hope that you will be able to find something good.
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Faktum gjenstår. Omtrent en tredjedel av den mannlige befolkningen lider av problemer med styrke og ereksjon. Men han vil finne en vei ut for lenge siden. For å effektivt bekjempe denne sykdommen, anbefales det å bruke side her er en av de mest effektive måtene i dette området.
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