Some suggestions (Game Saves & Costume)

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I think you guys have done an amazing job with this game. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
Here are some suggestions... I'm not sure if they're already planned or not (It's also possible they may already be in there and I just didn't figure them out).

Game Save Deletion. Having the 10 save points and the autosave is nice, and seems to be ample enough. Occasionally though you save after you realize it wasn't the best place or time to do so. The only way to take care of it currently seems to be to overwrite it.

Display all costume pages in the costume book (Maybe this was already planned, or maybe it's a bug). I only ever see the original Bard costume and the last one I picked up.

A quick change of costume by selecting one costume entry, all of the items for that costume are equipped.

Keep up the great work.
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Just a quick FYI - quick costume change is already in. If you're using a 360 pad, pressing X instead of A equips all of the available parts you have for that costume.
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