Allow use of the Lantern and another tool at the same time?

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Belt Lanterns?

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I know this might be a bit contentious with some people (some people were fine with the flashlight being a separate equippable object in Doom 3 which I never got personally), but it seems that if Tilo just attaches the Lantern at his waist, he could also hold other tools.

The reason I thought of this is I'm fairly sure you can set off the Bear Traps in the sewers with a thrown tool....but you can't see because it's so dark to make said throw so you just have to light up and walk around them.

I guess this isn't a major thing, but I do feel like there's a lot of switching into and out of the inventory
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Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. You can put the lantern down to illuminate the area, but perhaps we could make this an upgrade feature, like the candle hat. I'll suggest it to Seith.

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FakeNina wrote:You can put the lantern down to illuminate the area
Is this feature currently in the game? I can't seem to put the lantern down.
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Hey Boolean.

Sorry, you're quite right, and I was mistaken. The lantern is a unique object, and so can't be put down. We're discussing other possible solutions to this issue, as switching back and forth between the stick and lantern is not an ideal situation.


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