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Have you considered a Nintendo Switch release ?

I think it would be a great -mobile- platform for Ghost of a Tale, if it is powerfull enough.

It will support the Unity engine... so maybe with some more optimizations...

I'd say apply for a dev kit to test it's power, though it's not listed on the Nintendo developer portal yet.

Of course some things would need to be adjusted for this release, such as the inventory screen would probably need to be full screen in mobile mode, control mappings, and ui and text bigger on mobile mode.

Again, it would be great to get this to run on switch... And i guess Nintendo might be a great partner to work with. They might even have some good suggestions for game play.

Is it me or is the opening scene with Tilo waking up, and how the treasure chests open inspired on Zelda ?

it would require some extra work, so a port after the game is complete and other platforms work would be ok.

After all the love that's gone into this game, the more platforms it runs on the more revenue you get for all your hard work !
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Hi Frederick,

As you say, it's really going to depend on the power of the hardware, its support of Unity etc. whether we can release GoaT on the Switch. Right now our focus is 100% on the PC and Xbox One releases (Xbox One is a priority!) but who knows what the future will bring?

Thanks for your suggestions, and your support!

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Just posting my agreement with this idea. GoaT would be great on the Switch... if doable, of course.
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