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Magical Melodies

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:10 pm
by Pocket Mouse
something I thought would be fun since this game will likely revolve around music and our hero's interaction with it I was thinking it would be fun for him to maybe learn special melodies along his journey that could help him in his quest, much like Zelda in Ocarina of Time or something with a few twists of our own, for instance after reading the "Ride the crabs!" post it made me think perhaps you could charm them with a melody that would tame them, or maybe you reach an enemy that you are no match for but need to get past, so you must learn a magical lullaby to put them to sleep

what do you guys think, or what suggestions might you have for how such magic tunes could aid our hero?

Re: Magical Melodies

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:53 am
by david
@PocketMouse I've also been speculating about how music fits into the GoaT world ... f=13&t=205 We know for sure that the mouse hero plays the lute, and that Zelda is one of the GoaT inspirations. Puzzles will also feature in the gameplay, and I'll bet that some of them will be musical - just as you describe! :D

I'm thinking that perhaps there would be certain magical pieces of music, that might open up hidden chests, unlock doors, reveal ethereal dimensions, and hypnotize creatures.

I'm picturing, in one or two VERY special places, an alternate augmented reality exists. While the mouse plays a special tune, this reality temporarily shimmers into existence on top of the normal everyday world... featuring ghostly items and creatures from another time, which the mouse can use to solve the mysteries of the island of Periclave. Anyway, just my wild imagination! :mrgreen: