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Statistics Error maybe....?

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:49 am
by StephieLynnx
Hi hi,
So I just finished the game. I patiently kept playing despite the constant crashing. Like the most it crashed in an 1hr+ was definitely 8+ and sometimes it would crash the whole console to where it shut down.
It sadly crashed on the credits in which I saw art in the beginning. Which made me sad because I tried the credits in the menu options but there was no art . 😭

So anyway....

My statistics say



Now I didn't finish the Vessels Of A Gilded Warrior quest so that could add to the NPC
and also the costume....I'm guessing?

But 3 other NPCs xD

Even though it crashed like every 15+ minutes I still enjoyed it. It was really cute and beautiful. I'm really hoping for another one because I want more. Must save Merra and destroy Green Flame!!!