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faustus sewer key

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:49 am
by Darkness165
Hello, I have a problem with the spirit of a story
looking for the pharmacist Faustus
A channel key is required
I know that I come from the frog

but he doesn't give it to me because he's sad. I go to the frog several times in the evening, during the day or at night, he says
Not him, I'll go to the blacksmith, he says Faustus is dangerous
Salias said I should find a pharmacist whom the frog won't give me the key to

I did it once
Someone says the frog has the channel key, whoever the blacksmith or Salias don't tell me

I have all the armor
I also have a map of the sewers and catacompose everything and a scroll of the Guardian towards the forest
but nothing, please help

Darkness 165