Bugged saves/Animation glitch

This is where you can post about bugs and issues that are specific to the PS4 version of Ghost of a Tale.
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I'm about 2.5 hours into the game on version 1.2. I loaded a save and the first thing I noticed was there was an issue with my chars animation. He now started gliding rather than walking. Reloaded the save again, same thing. I thought maybe it would play itself out, so I continued with my game. That was when I realized that when hiding I could no longer save with l3 or r3, so I started loading previous saves. Every single save is bugged now. I tried autosaves, quicksaves... I tried them all.
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Well, I started a new game. Same thing. Character no longer walks but slides across the floor, and I am unable to save the game with l3 control or quicksave with r3 control. I'm guessing the patch (version 1.2) that was pushed yesterday has broken the game.
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HI. I've had many bug experiences. Been playing for a few hours. Floating mice walk. Doors not opening.

But the most frustrating is the most recent. Where I fell down a ledge from the Outward tower (where all the mushrooms grow) and fell into the small valley below. Survives the fall and then I was able to enter the Harbor and Shore and the Catacombs. But I had NO way of getting back into the Courtyard area. So all the work I've done is now useless as I now need to restart the whole game. I put in 5 hours I think. Made lots of progress and now get to start over ... Not angry just frustrated. I love the game. The graphics are lovely and the characters too. But the few bugs that are present do take away the polish.
But we all know that anyway. Don't mean to rub it in.
Again it seemed easy to fall into the lower area and survive the fall! So maybe there is a bug in the actual falling than the environment? If I had died I would've restarted from the last save. etc...
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