Q195 Prepainted Steel Coil

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The base material of q195 prepainted steel coil can be cold-rolled coil or hot-dip/electroplated steel. Although the organic coating part of q195 prepainted steel coil has a good anti-corrosion effect, there are still some small parts in the organic coating. Air and water may enter the gap, which may cause the substrate to rust. Therefore, the color coated steel coil made of unplated substrate has a short service life, and it is easy to spread after scratches and cause the coating to peel off. The base material of color-coated coils is mainly galvanized steel sheet or galvanized alloy steel sheet.
Q195 Prepainted Steel Coil for sale production process is divided into substrate pretreatment, chemical conversion coating (non-organic metal coating), organic non-metal coating, and some production lines also have post-coating process.
★Recommended use
Suitable for roofs, wall panels or garages, storage rooms and downpipes of buildings in general light industrial areas, commercial areas, residential areas, suburbs, and villages.
is not suitable for use in very harsh environments, such as heavily polluted heavy industrial areas, areas with severe sea erosion, and areas with strong direct sunlight or extreme heat all year round.
Q195 Prepainted Steel Coil https://www.sdbfsteel.com/Q195-Prepaint ... -Coil.html
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