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Hi, I'm someone who has been going through a very dark period of their life, suffering from depression, losing my job, a crumbling friendship, etc etc. I'm also someone that has a deep connection with games; I'm fascinated by game design and wish to reach the point where I'm making my own. As a side effect, games have a much more intense impact on me than any medium and I often become super attached to my favorite aspects of my favorite games.

After I played through Ghost of a Tale though, it had a much bigger impact on my life than I could have ever expected. The game is gorgeous for one, but also holds a simple but intriguing setting and characters that will bring out real emotions from you as you progress through the story and get to meet everyone. The music shares similar traits and each song is short but I have had many almost make me tear up or just smile. And every part of this absolutely beautiful game was made by mostly one person with the help of a few friends here and there.

Ghost of a Tale has had a huge influence on my life after I learned of the story, setting, and the unique case of development for the game. Knowing that a game as in-depth in visuals, setting, and play can be made by such a limited workforce has deeply rekindled a dream of mine to do the exact same, one I haven't really felt since I fell into this depression well over a year ago. I've had a much greater want and motivation to actually start to pursue it and it is helping me slowly lift myself out of this pit I've been in. It even managed to barely save a friendship, by inciting a change of heart come best friend day, that I thought was totally doomed.

I'm sorry if I've been rambling but I've grown a sense of thankfulness towards this game and especially SeithCG that I simply haven't been able to express enough and, despite already having sent a letter akin to this to SeithCG that I hope they received, I felt I needed to say it again elsewhere. SeithCG has become a hero of mine and I wish success upon everyone involved.

Thanks again so much.
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Good words. :-)
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