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Where can I go to donate to the sequel?

I am currently writing this while whining tears from my eyes.

Only one other game has ever made me bawl like this. The incredible story partnered with such precise and intuitive controls is beyond all comparison. Frankly, this is now is my number 1 all time favorite game ever.

Every square inch of this game, every nook and cranny is full of detail and makes it impossible not to become immersed in the story that is being so skillfully told. Things were being introduced that seemed to be nothing at all, and slowly developed so well that when I experienced the exact same thing later in the game I would become choked up. For example, the songs in the game, while you can read them, and listen to them near the beginning, mean nearly nothing more than something silly or fun, but as the story progresses, and you are introduced to more lore, or meet certain people, these songs suddenly have meaning.

There were event sin the game that came up that I was genuinely heart broken, even scared and was afraid to continue forward, spending over an hour to prevent something from happening. I made nearly no progress during this hour, but I was desperate to find a way, to prevent what would be. Maybe I missed something, but I had to continue, I had to push and know.

I have never had a game make me question my own morals, one that put down horrible truths that I couldn’t avoid, that I had to push through, tears in my eyes as I progressed.

Thank you.
Thank you Lionel (SeithCG) Gallat, Paul Gardner, Jerome Jacinto, Jeremiah Pena, Containher, and Nicolas Titeux.
Thank you everyone that worked on this masterpiece.
Thank you backers that made this possible.
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