Question for Seith: Staying in game development?

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Ghost of a tale is, without exaggerating, the most memorable experience of a game that I have ever had, "Planescape: Torment" previously held this position..

Suddenly, all other games seem bleak... violent, shallow... flat.. without true atmosphere or emotional connectivity..

This is getting a bit cheesy but it is expressed with honest intent...

I have searched for something similar for a while now... I found this prototype:

It comes close but.. it is merely a prototype.. other than that, it seems that there are *no* other games out there that convey the kind of greater whole that "ghost of a tale" does,

The illustration of Silas and Tilo hugging ( seems to me, that Silas is the one hugging Tilo. ) on the "media" section of the homepage is merely a detail in the midst of all the things that are/is the game and all that surrounds it, still.. it depicts the heart of it..

I believe that I can tell that you, Seith, have a solid background/experience with animated movies, almost solely based on your inclusion of actual signs of emotional connection and emotional action outside of the core necessities of "plot progression", instead rather because such aspects of any circumstances surrounding sentient beings dictate such things as being necessities in themselves!

I could go on forever..

I am close to, or already have, made a bit of a fool of myself, but I do not care.. your contribution to games as an art/expression of the human condition is... closer to the truth..

Will you stay in game development?

/regards, Jesper.
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Thanks so much for your wonderful words! I've passed them on to Seith (who is hard at work on the console release).
I'm sure your message will be very much appreciated, but I'll leave it to Seith himself to answer your question, when he gets a moment. :)

Thanks again,

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'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
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Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts, Jesper. I'm really glad you enjoyed the game exactly for what we would hoped it would be. As a creator it's not that often it happens, it certainly never is a given.

A funny thing with GoaT is its success is very much based on empathy. Within the story itself, it's about how Tilo deals with the characters he meets, while as the player the emotion genuinely comes from within you; we don't bash you on the head with super flashy cut-scenes to tell you how to feel. That's in part due to our limited means of course, but I like that. I like the fact that you, as the player, take away from the game what YOU have understood, what your own experience as a person allows you to emotionally fathom (sorry, that sounds a bit too grandiose, but you know what I mean).

As a result, most of the players who are very much into the game turn out to be reasonably empathetic, curious players, open to gently drift into this world Paul and I have spent so much time creating.

Finally I can answer your question with a resounding "YES". I have always loved games and I would like very much to keep exploring this medium and build off of the considerable experience we've acquired while making GoaT. Only future will tell... ;)
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Just make sure we know about the Kickstarter :D

Keep up the great work!
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I totally agree with Jesper. This game put a big smile on my face everytime I started a new session and is for certain one of my best game experiences ever.

And some important information to Seith. If you, like Jesper, enjoyed the "Down the well" prototype by Krumbukt I can tell that the man behind Krumbukt, Robin Hjelte, is currently available for new game projects. Unfortunately his studio had to fold less than a month ago. So, if you like what he did I think you too could work out more awsome games together.

I would so much look forward to a new chapter in the story, or any other adventure in this rich and wonderful world you have designed.
Thanks for letting us play in it.
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I loved this game from start to finish you guys did an amazing job I couldnt get enough of the amazing visuals and the story it made me sad when it ended because I just wanted it to continue on if there is going to be and dlc or a sequel I would be more then happy to donate and pay full price for the content that is how much I loved what you did keep up the great work and I truly look forward to any of your new projects šŸ˜Š
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If you like to do what you are doing at the moment, then of course it's worth a try. Now I'm exploring new directions for myself, here's how to edit metadata I study, I try to work. And you know, everything works out, so the most important thing in the first place is the desire
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