Tilo cosplay - The first try

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I couldn´t find something with the keyword "Cosplay" so here is a new Topic with it. ;)

In this costume I´ve been at the Comic Con in Stuttgart, Germany last week. Well, the orignial Tilo looks better, but there will be improvements next time. :D

Do you like it so far? :roll:




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Hi McMouse!

First of all, sincere apologies for not replying for so long. You might have noticed that we had a lot of problems on the forum with spam. Hopefully these are addressed now and we've just found your wonderful post buried beneath all the spam. We're honoured that you would make such a fantastic costume and represent Tilo out in the real world.

Thanks so much and please post any more pictures you have, we'd love to see them. Once again, sorry for not replying in so long. All the best, FN
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