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Well hello again! I have a problem. Yes my friends one might even say a new addiction! Papercraft....thanks Seith. I built one Tilo because I thought it would be fun. It was so much so that I built another and now I need new Ghost of a tale themed papercrafts because otherwise I will have an ARMY of little TILOS! I am thinking about making a 3rd and possibly fourth one. Hey maybe ill give them to my friends, game awareness and all that! that's actually an awesome idea! This Idea will sate my papercraft lust for now but hopefully we shall have more soon! hmm maybe I will make 10 and have a Tilo round table or a Tilo presidential debate the possibilities are endless. I guess the beauty of it is the need to know the release date has been subdued by my papercraft addiction. Well I guess we will talk soon stay tuned for the tilo army!

p.s.: Valentines just passed and Tilo got a heart card and xbox one controller for when the game releases and a pack of gum. Got to keep those pearly whites a sparklin!
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Hello psxpetey, thank you for writing. This is Paul, I’m helping Seith with writing and design on Ghost of a Tale, and I also made the papercraft pattern for Tilo. I just wanted to say I’m so glad that you’re enjoying making Tilo(s). I put the pattern together a few times while laying it out to make sure it worked, so I know it can be a challenge. It’s been great to see all the different Tilos that have been built -- even though they’re from the same pattern they all look unique. Perhaps you get to see something of the personality of the maker. We’re thinking we might make another pattern in the future, so Tilo won’t be alone. Thanks again!
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