Just beat GoaT on the Switch

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Hey y'all,

I preordered a physical copy of this game for the Switch, got it last week, and beat it today. Wanted to gush about it a little bit because I adored it, and this seemed like the place (although the last post here is about World of Warcraft? lol...)

Really, I loved the characters. They're all very well-written, and their portraits during dialogues are very expressive and cute. I especially liked Tilo, Fatale and Silas, although the other characters are neat, too. Silas has a cool character model in game, and all the mice models are rather cute, too.

Fatale was an interesting one. Has some drastic mood swings at times, doesn't she? First she's grumpy and antagonistic, then she's bubbly and goofy, then she's grumpy and antagonistic again, then she's thoughtful and apologetic, then she's grumpy and antagonistic, then she's bubbly and goofy, lol. I hope we see her brother and her again, if we get a sequel.

The whole thing felt much like the Secret of NIMH, minus the genetic mutation. Rather dark (on more than one level).

Been encouraging my friends to buy this. Hope it's as successful as the developers need it to be!
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