The impact of a resume on employment.

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A resume is your personal ticket to a good job. You need to approach the writing of this document responsibly, as this is usually your only opportunity to get into an interview. Getting started on a resume is always difficult, but it's really necessary, so it's worth taking the time to get it right and sell yourself as profitably as possible.

Your resume should be clear, well-structured, and contain complete and up-to-date information about your qualifications, work background, and education. Use bulleted lists wherever possible and try not to overuse paragraphs. Most resumes are not read like text or a book, they are "scanned" by the interviewer to pick out key points - this is easier to do when the information is presented as a bulleted list.

One approach to creating a resume is to write one complete document describing your entire work history and then adapt it for each job you apply for. Pay attention to what you do in your daily activities at your current job. Write down the responsibilities in the form of a job description, this will come in handy as a guide to describe your experience. Don't worry about the length of the resulting text, you'll edit it later when you create your resume.
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My sister told me about a very interesting service where a resume was written to order for her. I looked at this site, bookmarked it and forgot about it. But recently, I urgently needed help with my questionnaire and I turned here, sent a ready-made version and asked what could be done with it. Perhaps there is no need to write it from scratch, because it already exists. They just changed the format a little and provided me with a cool resume that blew several employers away at once. That's what it means to change the format.
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