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I loved reading that the BETA will probably happen soon! things are flying a long and I am super pumped! Ive got another drawing cooking expressing my jealousy for those in the short list of beta testers I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU LUCKY PEEPS! every time I see an update I get pumped as hell to read it! Watch out for IGN seith those guys are pretty big tools. Theyre work is not high quality when it comes to reviews and some person crapped all over a game that had a 97.7 rating on steam who I don't think even played it. One thing that wierded me out during the IGN podcast was when they said about having you on while they stream the game. When I listened to your answer it sounded as if they had never even asked you if they could actually do this aka stream the game I personally would have gone for game informer they are a much more positive/professional type. Well that is my ign rant.

Pumped and cannot wait for the beta and for the release of the game! Ever since I heard about this game I have a tab on my browser glued to this forum that never closes! I am loving watching how this game is progressing.
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