Early Access: to play or not to play?

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I have started playing yesterday and have just reached the courtyard. I still have things to investigate in the jail anyway. The game is so adorable and keeping me on the edge at the same time - its incredible :)

But now comes my big problem:
Should I play further, fully aware that parts of the game are still missing, and also knowing I will probably not have the time to play the same levels again? Replaying a game - especially with focus on full exploration - is something I cannot affort (timewise) nowadays :(

Should I just rush through the early access version as far as it goes for now, and keep the exploration for a second play through of the final version?

Or should I explore the early access version now as completely as possible, and just rush through the final version the next time?

I am torn apart right now. The game feels so great, I want to drown fully in it. But otherwise there is the little mouse in my head telling me I'll miss a lot of good stuff if I go to far into the rabbit hole right now...
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When I reached the courtyard, it did cross my mind to stop playing and wait, but I just fell in love with the game so much, I continued on.

What I will say is that once you've thoroughly explored the game and you have a solid grasp of where everything is, you'll find that you can do a run through of everything that is currently there fairly quickly, so I wouldn't worry about having to play through the current parts again. Note that this isn't a criticism of the length of the game - after all, there are people who can beat Dark Souls in under an hour :P

I'd just go for it, enjoy what's currently there, and file those bug reports if you find 'em :)
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