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Hi folks!

Just in case you are curious and want to know how many people are enjoying GoaT at any given time, you can check out Steam charts here: http://steamcharts.com/app/417290

Atm there are around 100 people playing SIMILTANOUSLY. Not too bad I think for a Thursday (night, at least in Europe)

Numbers are fairly accurate I believe. Very interesting I found was the time before EA release too.
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aw :( every steam user should get a copy. They're missing out.
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Thomas_Huayra wrote:aw :( every steam user should get a copy. They're missing out.
I agree! I've been telling all my friends about it and helped sell a few copies so far!
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you can count me as well !
Just bought the game as xbox one preview, and did not regret it.
Also my first as a preview , so i'm kinda excited because looking at the forum ,it's cool to see the developers taking notes from the players.

Grtz from a happy gamer :)
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Thanks everyone!
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