Will it have Mod(ding) support?

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I know the Devs are busy with main Game, and making it able to be modded would be a hard task on its own. Since i couldn't find a Topic/statement about this I wondered if they are planning to make it Moddable ?

I think it would be awesome to have the ability to create mods for GoaT, letting a Modding Community build-up share their work and effort like the Devs do with their love and passion for GoaT, it would be a great way to give some love back to the Devs and maybe some mods would be worth to add them later into the core Game.
I know its no easy task and understand it if they won't make it moddable because of any possible reason (it's their game in the end). I bought it to support the Devs of this awesome game, with or without modding i'm sure the Finished game will be a Great Experiance.

Guess this is kinda a Question as well as a suggestion to the Game, and sorry for the long text.

Keep the love and passion up for this Title.

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I hope they make it amnesia levels of easy to mod.
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