How far is the game right now?

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The information I'm trying to find is how complete the current built you can buy here or on steam is? I'm expecting something like: "50% of the game is somewhat finished, or 75%, or 25?".

Any timeline on the french version?

Basically I will probably buy the game, but I want to wait till it's advanced enough that I feel I'm playing a full finished game.

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Hi Eprieur,

We would say that the early access release represents around a quarter to a third of the final game, in terms of quests and locations. The game mechanics themselves (what Tilo can do, interactions etc.) are much closer to being complete in early access. So, it should give you a good idea about how the final game will feel.

The game will be available in English only until the final release, which will feature French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and more TBD.

Whatever you decide, thanks for supporting us!

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The game is pretty awesome already. Give it a try!
At my first playthrough I had ~8h fun until I finished the story (which is not complete as fakenina said) and all but one quest. It's pretty well fleshed out, a few bugs occurring here and there but it has gotten better with each patch.
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