Release Date Content (XB1) vs. Game Preview Content(XB1)

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Hey Seith and other Devs!
Thanks for making such an awesome game. I have a question, and I'll be quick. I recently completed the 1 hour trial, loved it, read about you guys online and your story, then decided I could not wait and bought the game preview for $20.00 on my Xbox One S (yes, everything is working great thus far, not one error, yet! :D ).

What I want to know is:** how long are you going to update the Game Preview on Xbox One?** Content, updates, etc. I read your posts, and saw that you said the preview was about one third of the content, but I was not sure about is **If you are going to update the Game Preview on Xbox One again** . Since you will be removing the Game Preview with the Launch of the finished project. I am happy to support your team either way, but I would love to know, basically, if I'll need to buy the game again when it launches for Xbox One (in April most likely?) for the full $24.99? Thanks for creating an awesome game. I was simply curious, as well as a few others I know.
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