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Just thought we could have a discussion on the game with our thoughts and feedback. :)

I'm really enjoying the game so far. I'm a sucker for strong world building and environment design so this game is perfect for me. I really like the interactions you have with the different characters you find. I especially enjoy interacting with the Commander as you impersonate Pvt. Scow. Kinda funny how Tilo has a double-life as a minstrel and a guard for the Red Paw.

As for gameplay, it's been refined since I played the original Early Access release in 2016. You can't outrun rat guards as easily since your stamina won't regenerate while moving, which I think is a good move, but it's still a little too easy to get away. I get the feeling the game isn't meant to be too focused on stealth though. Stealth also becomes a lot less important once you get the rat disguise too. I do like how the costumes have been improved a lot, and are no longer tied to your health. I also like the 'perk' system where you can learn new abilities.

Some areas seem a little lacking in polish. For example, parts in the catacombs are a little too quiet. Blue fire torches make no noise, deadly worms don't seem to make a sound either when they attack or move, and thrown explosive pinecones are silent too. The blue fire may be magical and that may be why it's silent, but I kinda wish they made some kind of sound like a faint magical hum or something. The elevator to the catacombs needs sound effects too. Right now it's lacking audio.
Speaking of the worms: I kinda wish there was more warning that you could get killed in the spot you first meet them. When I first met one, it didn't seem to pop up out of the hole when I got near it and I died instantly. I had no idea getting near the purple smoke would insta-kill me there.

I love the design and visual atmosphere of the catacombs. I really like how spooky and serious it feels compared to the other beginning areas. I know I keep bringing up audio, but I do feel the area could use a different audio ambiance than the dungeons. I think it uses the same looping background audio track, but if it was different, I feel the place could stand out even more. I think the audio remains unchanged from the enclosed catacomb area as compared to the Great Hall too. I think a more 'spacious' audio track here could make the area feel bigger, I guess? As for gameplay in the catacomb, I felt there could be more. I felt like my time there was spent too quickly. Maybe spiders should respawn as you move about there? I feel the place could feel more dangerous and more spiders may help in that regard.

Minor feature request here: It would be neat if your lantern or candle didn't deplete when you were in your inventory. Sometimes I forget when I have it out and it burns it up as I view items.

I may post more as I play more in the future.

What is everyone else's thoughts?
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