Five Smugglers Quest problems

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I am currently stuck in the Five Smugglers side quest. I have progressed to the point of talking to Rolo out on the cliffs about the smugglers and the master. I have found one of the foot locker keys and was able to get 2 of those tokens guards carry around with the masters glyph on them. Currently my quest directory tells me to go to the sewers and look for the masters mark. That is where my problem is, I have scanned the sewers top to bottom a hundred times and I can't find any new item or anything out of the ordinary. I don't even know what the masters emblem looks like, as I've never seen it depicted in the game or on any item in my inventory.

If any of you have completed the quest, or just know where to look, please let me know! I really am enjoying this game and I want to finish as much side content as I can before I finish the main story!
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probably those red banners you see around. if you get the well key you can skip the whole thing or continue on investigating. im going to investigate after the catacombs but im stuck on the ghost wanting me to sing a song about a flame or something
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*Edit: LOL, literally a minute later I found the mark :DD it's in Faustus' lab.* I've never posted anything on forums before, but I'm getting frustrated. I've been stuck with this quest all morning. Can't find anything in the sewers. I'm loving this game, but I often find myself stuck with tasks. Most of the time the answer is just under my nose, though. Maybe this time as well? The quests don't always give enough clues to my taste. I could wait for a complete walkthrough on Youtube, but I'm too impatient. Wanna finish this awesome game! Can someone please help me?
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