I'm stumped on "Stop That Racket!" [End-Game Spoilers]

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Kerold has asked me to put a stop to the sound/music coming from a neighboring cell. I can't figure out what to do though. I also don't seem to be hearing any sound or music either (but I'm guessing Kerold is just nuts here).

I've tried throwing things at the prisoner, speaking to them repeatedly (10-20+ times over), visiting their old place to find any belongings that could inspire hope...went into all the other cells in the dungeon to see if there was a source of sound, went below Kerold's cell to see if there was sound coming from there. I've just about run out of ideas.

I could just leave for the shore to find the charting map myself, but I'm kind of a completionist and I wanted to figure this out. Could anyone give me a subtle hint?

EDIT: After quitting the game and reloading, and then putting on my minstrel outfit, I was able to speak to him.
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It's better to sit down next to someone when you are having a conversation. Didn't Kerold mention something about your old cell. Maybe head over there to see who's in there and if it's an old friend why not sit down next to him for a friendly chat. HINT HINT.

[spoiler] It's a bug, someone is supposed to whistle, he doesn't, but anyway climb on the bench next to the prisoner in your old sell and talk 3-4 times with them and they will relent and offer new options [/spoiler]
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Hi, I am having the same problem.
However neither being on the bench or reloading and then changing outfit have worked for me.
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