Will GOAT be on Steam?

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I was just wondering if GOAT will come out on steam, I have always found it abit clumsy to download/buy games from thier home site, Im sure I'll but GOAT ethier way. It's just that i'd preferably download it from Steam.
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'Ghost of a Tale' Community Manager
'Ghost of a Tale' Community Manager
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hey AdWill, welcome! :D

That's an excellent question... even though I'm an indie supporter and Valve are immensely wealthy*, I feel the same way about Steam: it's convenient to launch everything from one client, from one game library, with automatic patching, backed up in the cloud. Yes, GoaT will almost certainly be on Steam!

Coincidentally also, Seith and I have recently looking at the possibility of providing Steam keys on our own site too. No promises, but it definitely could happen.

*To be fair to Valve, imho they are immensely successful b'cos they have developed good stuff
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