Found two bugs with the Photo Mode

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I have the GOG version of the game and I noticed the following 2 huge bugs when using Photo Mode to take screenshots in-game.

1. When the in-game FPS Counter is enabled in the Debug settings of the game, and you press “P” during the gameplay to activate Photo Mode, the game lags to 30 fps and stays like that even if you exit Photo Mode. I would have to go back to the FPS Lock option to reselect 60 or 120 in order to make the game run normally again at its original fpss. This problem does not occur when the FPS Counter is disabled.

2. When using Photo Mode, it says to press the space bar to take a screenshot. However, when doing it I can not find the screenshots anywhere on my PC afterwards. There are no screenshots in the My Games folder in My Documents nor in the GOG directory.

Windows 10 Pro x64
Gigabyte 1070 Windforce OC
CPU i5-8600K
256 GB SSD

Can someone reproduce these bugs?
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