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Nintendo Switch: Not sure where to post this, but found two serious bugs on Switch

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 3:28 am
by ratface
(there's no forum for GoaT on Switch --- wasn't sure where best to post).

BUG #1: The first bug concerns the door from the jail out to the courtyard. If you can lure a rat sentry from outside into the entrance to the jail and close the door in his face, you can put him into a broken state where he'll alert on you but won't actually chase you. This broken state persists even after you close and relaunch the game, so long as you've saved.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Get a rat sentry's attention
2. Run back into the jail
3. Wait until the rat is just on the far side of the door
4. Pull the lever to close the door in his face
5. Wait for his alert level to fall to yellow
6. Open the door. The alert icon may be flickering on and off above his head now
7. Follow him back out. He may see you, and the alert icon may switch to red, but he'll never chase you again. He may even walk away from you, with the red alert icon above his head.

Having realized this, the game lost some of its magic :\

BUG #2: It's possible to find Faustus, but not get the achievement for having found him. If this happens, you can never finish The Apothecarist quest. I'm not sure if this means the game can't progress yet, but I'm starting to suspect it may mean that.


I've loved this game so far. It's beautiful and delightful and I'd love to keep playing... but these two issues are pretty close to making that impossible. Is there any hope that they might be addressed?

Again, this specifically pertains to the Nintendo Switch version.

Re: Nintendo Switch: Not sure where to post this, but found two serious bugs on Switch

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2020 6:17 pm
by ratface
Just hoping to bump this to the top again. I tried to reach out to the support email, but never got a response.