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For PC (Windows) specific help with technical issues running the game.
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'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
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To make things easier for us to identify bugs and issues with the game, please always provide the version (like 1.30),which is shown in the main menu.
You can report here or by email at
Be as precise as you can be to reproduce the issue you're experimenting, and please join the log file of the game, which is located in the game folder (in your steam folder .\Steam\steamapps\common\Ghost of a Tale\GoaT_Data\output_log.txt)
If that file is too huge, please restart the game and try to reproduce the bug and then quit and pickup the file.
If you don't know where the game is installed, just right click on the game name on Steam and click on Properties, then on the "LOCAL FILES" tab click on "BROWSE"
GoaT_Properties.png (17.12 KiB) Viewed 16755 times
- If your problem is not being able to load a save, provide us also your save file (only the .save one, of the matching slot index), located there:
"C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Ghost of a Tale\Save"

But, if your game crashes, please send us a description of your computer hardware.
This can be easily done by pressing the Win+R keys to open the following prompt and type "dxdiag" then click on Ok:
WinRun.png (5.92 KiB) Viewed 16779 times
A windows diagnostic tool will open.
Click on the "Save All Informations" button to save a txt file and please attach this file to your post.
dxdiag.png (15.99 KiB) Viewed 16779 times
No personal data is gathered in the file, it's just a summary of the hardware components present in your computer.

Thanks again for helping us improving Ghost of a Tale! :)
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