Issue when loading my game, perhaps controller/keyboard

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I'm on version 1.49, purchased from My issue is, whenever I load back into the game, there's some kind of interface that suddenly appears on the bottom-center of the screen and cycles between two things. The things cycling are moving too fast for me to comprehend what they are, and I really didn't pay any attention to anything in the game that would have explained what this is. Additionally, pressing "Escape" to get into the game menu results in the cursor disappearing. From the startup screen, going into the Options menu results in the "Back" button/indicator toggling between two different displays (it's too fast for me to see what, but one seems to have the red XBox One controller button on it.). I've loaded up other games, and none of them exhibit any strange behavior, so I don't think it's related to my hardware.
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
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We're aware of that, but still can't find what provoke it.
Any description of hardware you're using, specially as input, could help us a lot !
Thanks for your feedback
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