Bugs and weird things I have found.

For PC (Windows) specific help with technical issues running the game.
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Most of the Issues I have is when using the armour (guard disguise) and then there is also this thing that happened...https://gyazo.com/da28b95bedb29242ce85a111ce376712

The most common thing that happens (not sure if it is intentional) is that if I am wearing the full armour set I push stools and such in an exceedingly glitchy/jittery manner. Including the stool that I pushed through wall in the holding cell rats' old cell. The other thing that I can push is Guards and npcs (they just sort of slide without any animations changing) it is odd and slightly amusing.
What can be accomplished with NPC pushing - https://gyazo.com/4af402eddc763255321ca550c9e35209 pushed out of chair and into a wall, then all the way around the corner and into another wall - https://gyazo.com/68c8acab674f7c7f91df5911fd48b0b1

There are a few graphic and environment issues nothing too noticeable (might just be me and my studying to do environment art that makes me look for them), the worst ones were at the tops of some doors in the actual jail area where the two sides of the frame meet the bigger stone would have an invisible face (where a keystone would go on certain arches and doorways) - https://gyazo.com/118d1a33141758b4b2827134083ad19d. The other weird one is any grain sacks that I empty ends up floating in the air above where it should be if I leave the area and then re-enter it - https://gyazo.com/82b8ff906c8810ed6767ba3aef7db55c & https://gyazo.com/d8da11b2c6701df7bb4b62ec4c9f8e66

Not sure if this one is a bug or just a currently unfinished animation. The issue is the animation for climbing ladders at least for the legs (never noticed anything for the hands) where the animation would start for climbing one rung and then instantly jump to the beginning and not flowing realistically. Simply put it just repeats the animation for just the one leg over and over.

This one I have seen on the forum already but thought I'd add it anyway where I have some issues with ledges/doorways and some staircases when in full armour. On a similar note the shortcut between the holding cells and jail area is inaccessible via the jail side when in armour but fixes as soon as you remove the chest armour.

The most irritating issue is that when I have been playing after while the map then refuses to actually come up when the button (with 360 Gamepad) is pressed. When I open it in the inventory I the map flashes up for about half a frame and instantly disappears every time.

I have had a couple of instances of Grease Pots not actually leaving any grease when thrown.

The only other interesting experience it this window (I no longer like this window) - https://gyazo.com/0c2707644a46304930963fdce33a2d4d, I climbed onto the ledge and thoulght it looked like I could jump to the roof, I was correct but little did I know there would be no collision or no invisible boundary (resulting in falling to my death), no that would be way less fun. What did happen (the no collision thing) was I fell through the roof, then the landscape and finally into the infinite grey void of eternal falling until I reloaded an earlier save or quit the game...
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
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Thanks you a lot for that very well detailed and illustrated feedback !

We just released today an update (1.63)
Please have a look at it:
(full details here:
http://www.ghostofatale.com/forum/viewt ... f=7&t=2107)

Map and death window are already fixed ^^.
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