[Bug] Full Screen not working in 1.63

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With version 1.63, I cannot run the game in full screen. However, I had no issue running the game in full screen with version 1.49.

When I try to play v1.63 in fullscreen, the game makes the screen go black, but it also flashes a few times as if adjusting/reverting the resolution, then just returns the screen to the desktop with GoaT minimized. The only way to play the game is to ALT+ENTER when the game is in the black screen briefly, switching it to window mode.

Thank you for your hard work!

Extra details:
Video Card: Asus GTX 1060 STRIX
Dual monitors, 2x 1920 x 1080.
Windows 7, 64bit
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I have a similar issue.

When I play the game in fullscreen, it's off-center. I cannot see 1/4th of the game on the right side, and about 1/4th on the left is just blank unused space. Alt-tabbing out of the game and then coming back corrects the issue.

I have a GTX 660 video card, Windows 7 64bit, and dual monitors (1680 x 1050, 1600 x 900).

Could be something to do with dual monitors maybe? EDIT: I think this is it. I disabled one of my screens and the screen was correct in-game this time.
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
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In 1.63, we switch the borderless fullscreen to an exclusive fullscreen, as lot of people asked.
It allows SLI, NVision, and improve framerate.

But if you prefer the old one, specially for dual-monitor gamers, you can just add " -popupwindow" to the game executable.
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Dual monitors can do odd things with some game coding. Try with a temporary single monitor setup, and it may fix things.

Additionally, when changing fullscreen modes there are some possible issues with resolution with certain graphics setups. Certain setups also only play well with exclusive, especially a few of the nVidia setups. If you are having issues with a single monitor, try changing certain options and resolutions. The more information you can provide there, the better it will be for getting fixes in for the devs here!

Good luck!
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