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For PC (Windows) specific help with technical issues running the game.
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I tried to read the current threads to make sure I didn't duplicate, but I didn't read them all. I didn't see anyone else reporting these issues I'm having:
(Minor spoilers are present)

- On a few occasions, I am unable to see dialog options, even though I can eventually select one by blind clicking where they might be.
- Concerning the shortcut tunnel from the courtyard to the jail, the jailside hole appears slightly smaller than the courtyard side hole, and causes camera issues every time I go through. It also causes Tilo to get caught on the grate (I assume?). When these issues combine, which is nearly every time, it makes it very difficult to get through. It's to the point where I avoid it if at all possible.
- During the day, there is a bug (I assume; I can't find the source) in the courtyard that makes the loudest noise ever emitted by an insect. I have notified The Guinness Book of World Records about this bug. I assume the bug is trying to call my attention to an abandoned megaphone by screeching into it; but I just can't find him! It is super annoying, but doesn't actually get in the way of anything.
- Silas claims to have a map to the courtyard on his cot, yet I saw no map anywhere in his entire area. I did not already have the map. I believe I later acquired it from the blacksmith, but I can't remember exactly.
- I was able to get on top of roofs that I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to (could jump off into the background terrain if I wanted to, and I see through buildings and see missing textures if I angle correctly). I'm 99% sure you don't intend for anyone to be up there. I did it by jumping from a rooftop you clearly intend for me to walk on (the sloped section of roof accessible by jumping off the mid-level wall and leading to the door and the beam running above the guarded hallway where you have to let the ladder down), and before I go through the door leading to the beam, I could jump and scramble up onto the roof to the left. This allowed me to walk on the roof above the secret beam, and above the corner staircase. I could see into the buildings adjacent while doing this, as if looking right through the solid wall.
- Other issues, especially guard pathing and guards getting stuck in various states have been addressed by others. I'll update this if I remember anything else, or encounter anything new.

I hope this helps!

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