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I believe I've found a couple of bugs.
- The first one is related to the character's health when you change the clothes. Depending on the clothes you have more or less live. When I change to a full costume the health and stamina increases between 3-5 more points depending on the set and so the amount of live increases (more than 3 bars). But, I believe it's after I load the game again after closing it, the live is reset to 3 bars and it does not go back to the other until I remove one part of the set and equip it again. And obviously the bar increases in live limit but the actual live that I had is gone.
- The other is that I can't find the spyglass that I believe it's supposed to be in the room of Silas? I saw it there once and then I had a bug with the beetles which you had to patch my saved game for. And now I have the quest to find the spyglass but it's not in the desk and I can't ask Rolo. He has the option to help me find things but if I select it then it just has the option to leave.

Please, some help with the spyglass bug? As I can't do that quest without it.
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
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Are you still unable to pick the spyglass even after restarting the game ?
In this case, please send us your save file at to narrow this bug down.
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