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Three Headed Acorn doth not spawn? *never mind

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:12 pm
by thefooltouchstone
First beautiful game that I absolutely it last week on Steam and already have 40+ hours in! :o Anyway, that darn Three Headed Acorn does not seem to want to spawn for me (multiple restarts, and even one uninstall/re-install)...I broke down and found the guide on Steam...

Sorry, issue resolved! =D

*spoilers follow*

...and I have searched in vain for it on the ground at the bottom of the staircase that the guide indicates. Am I missing something (i.e. I have to knock it out of the tree, or some such?). All the components for "The Sleep of Thieves" quest seem to spawn independent of quest activation or the like (found the beetle eggs and crimson 'shrooms before I even knew the quest was a thing)...Anyway, here is what I am running:

Playing with an XboxOne wireless on a CoreI7-6800 @3.4GHz with Windows 10x64 and 64GB RAM

Thanks for any help and no matter what, I simply can't wait for the game's full release...I have not had this much fun playing a game since I played "Sid Meier's Pirates" and "Warcraft 3"!

Re: Three Headed Acorn doth not spawn? *v 1.93, info files

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 4:52 pm
by thefooltouchstone
Well, please disregard...the 3 headed acorn is in a different location from where the guide stated it...however, Rolo needs to update his map notes if asked...I mean he is charging Florins for that service, amiright? ;)
"FlukeRogi" who wrote the guide on the Steam forums set me straight and provided a recent screenshot if you need assistance in finding that pesky three headed acorn, link to Steam forums, here: ... =735967092