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For PC (Windows) specific help with technical issues running the game.
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In an interest to hopefully help, here are some of the bugs I've found in the game. I'll try to be as precise as I can.

Build 1.93

In the tunnel beneath the trap door located near the cell where Fatale and her male friend are being held, there's a stick holding up a piece of grating that allows you back into the prison. (The area it leads to has stairs going up on the right, and stairs going down on the left. A rat is patrolling on the right while a rat is standing stationary on the left.) After stopping the grating, I've been unable to get Tilo to surpass this hole although I'm pretty sure he did it the first time. When trying to EXIT the prison from this way, it doesn't seem to work any better and causes a camera glitch that's hard to undo.

In the stairway which led to the Guard Greaves, out in the courtyard, touching the wall(s) in there can often cause a big camera glitch.

When completed, outfits raise Tilo's health capacity but upon reloading a save, the capacity is back down to the default amount even if you're still wearing the outfit, and only taking off an article and putting it back on puts the health back to where it should be. This ends up wasting player's health if it was above the default amount, and in essence, any food item they used to get to that point.

I could be wrong but it seems like that sometimes when you reload a save, you're carrying a LOT more sticks than you should be but I haven't completely figured out if that's actually what causes it. But I can tell you that last time I started playing, I was holding 14 sticks despite the fact that the game insists I can't hold more than 5. I also noticed that although if you're holding them it shows you with a lot more (Just now I noticed I have 18 of them) but if you look in your actual "Tools" inventory, it shows you what should be the normal amount.

Clothing items occasionally don't appear. I didn't see the ranger's mask on Tilo until the session AFTER I originally put it on.

This only happened once, but, while in the jail cell located next to the spiral staircase that leads down to the "Flooded Cell," I had opened or shut the door in there while a stool was in the path of the door. Don't know if it was related but after that, Tilo's sprite disappeared off of the screen for a while, his shadow occasionally appearing. He reappeared a few moments later.

There have been several instances of Tilo being unable to walk up a step or otherwise small elevation that clearly is not too high for him, proven by the fact that he will at times get over these "obstacles" with no issue. It might be like, the top step on a staircase, a mild step up into a jail cell, or something like that which is clearly not meant to hinder the player.

I think that's all I can recall for now, good luck with all of your work on the game!
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Couple More Bugs.

Multiple times, a Guard has gotten "stuck" in an area, and doesn't leave or acknowledge Tilo, simply cycling through his idle animation. The first time it happened was in the sewer and I thought it was because he'd gotten caught in one of those traps or something but it happened with another one later in a different location. However, the later one did eventually leave and go back to his post on a subsequent play session. The rat in the sewer remains there no matter how many times I quit and come back to the game. His alert marker still appeals when I come near him and will eventually full to the "!" point but there's no reaction or chase music.

I've had several instances throughout the jail and yard area where the camera would break for a while, usually while close to a wall, causing intense flickering between surfaces and disallowing me from moving until I somehow escaped this effect. It can be very detrimental if enemies are near.

Most recently, I tried talking to the Main Gate guard which I had done successful before. He did talk to me, but where his name should be it says:


His icon/avatar that's supposed to be next to his text box is also missing. From what I can tell, it happens only when he specifically gives you the message "I've told you this gate is closed."

That's all for now.
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