Rats Spotting Tilo Through Walls (2.75)

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Hello, hello. There's been a number of areas in the game where I've noticed myself getting spotted through walls or ceilings. It's hard to describe the location of every instance so in this case I'm just sharing one, for now. The following screenshot shows the door at the base of the steps which lead to the dining room. I've trapped the rat that guards that area behind the door, but when Tilo stands in the spot shown, the rat can apparently see him. He can't get out of there, but it does still put you in "chase" mode for no real reason.

You can see in the shot that the rat's alert indicator is rising from behind the door.


In a possibly related issue, Tilo is also able to stand right inside of this pillar: http://i.imgur.com/Cc54svk.png

Same thing happens with the not-shown pillar on the other side.

Just letting you guys know so you can catch it in the next build update. Good luck with the project, and thanks for all the help so far!
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
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Thank you very much for your report.
The screenshots is a great help for us to narrow down the issue you are facing^^.
We will fix that in the next update, thanks to you :)
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