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Don't mind the title, I just like to be festive.

So! Found a pretty big and impressive glitch in the 2.75 and luckily I can explain it in pretty good detail through the use of screenshots.

In the nutshell, first check out this screenshot:

See that big piece of wood right in front of Tilo leaning up against the wall? It's possible to just simply walk up it and then suddenly be standing up on the platform right above it, where the ladder is. And if you do that, you set into motion the super glitch in question. From there, the first thing you might notice is that the grass on the other side of that ladder-window doesn't appear. But that's minor compared to the more obvious problem...

Now, check out THIS screenshot:

...That's Tilo looking down toward the cells which hold Gusto and Fatale, which seems to be a rather glitchy spot in general since it's given me trouble before. You'll notice that basically all the geometry there has been obliterated. So as you can see, if you walk up that large piece of wood and then make that unintended transfer up to the platform, then this is what happens to that Gusto-Fatale area. It might affect the inside of the Jail itself as well I didn't check but as you can see it's quite game breaking. I tested the theory a few times so I think I've got it right.

Luckily, this time I had saved right before this happened and had the good sense NOT to save after it happened so I don't need to ask you guys to fix the file.

So...I'm no programmer so this is just simply a guess, ignore me if it's stupid. The word on the latest update seems to be that performance is improved and it's better optimized. From what I could tell from playing, it seems like one of the ways that's been implemented is more selective rendering? Waiting until the player reaches certain points before rendering certain areas? I feel like I'm noticing more hints of that kind of thing as I play the new build, such as rats and objects in the distance being invisible until I get closer. If so then I'd imagine that's been the source of the last few glitches I've had. If that IS the case then I'd suggest that a given area needs to be tagged to render from more potential entry angles. I myself am quite an explorer when it comes to games like this, often utilizing shortcuts and tricks to move around faster which might be why I've had more glitches like this in quick succession.

Now, if I'm WRONG about that, then that was all pointless banter and should be avoided by everyone who takes issue with time-wasting morons like me.

In any case, I want to see the project succeed so I just wanted to make the developers aware of it.

Rock on!

EDIT: I was able to get this issue to fix itself by virtue of leaving and coming back. It wasn't intentional but while I was trying to get a clearer screenshot of the glitch a rat started chasing me so I ran back through the courtyard area and back into the prison. When I returned, the area had returned to it's normal state. I don't know if it would have done so had I saved while the glitch was still active. Hope this helps!
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
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I was able to get this issue to fix itself by virtue of leaving and coming back.
You are totally right on everything !

We are very sorry for your inconvenience, and we are already trying to fix the paths that leads to some missing part of some areas.
The best way to avoid that glitch if you encounter it again is to backtrack to the jail via the entrance near Rolo (Blacksmith)

We are still narrowing down theses glitches, and the next update will have that fixed.
By the way, thanks a lot for that long and illustrated feedback !
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No problem. But I insist that the apologies aren't necessary, I knew that buying an in-dev game would result in glitches, so it's not as if the issues are annoying me, I just see myself as a supporter of the project who wants to help get it finished as quick as possible. If anything, sniffing out these little (0r big) glitches is kind of like another side quest. So don't sweat it, I'm sure it'll all get sorted out.
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