Super Glitch - The Sequel!

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Yeah it's me again, hope you're not tired of me yet. Sorry if I should be using my previous threads for these I just worry that it would get lost in the shuffle.

Anyway, just reporting on another rendering bug I stumbled across. This one's up near that ladder which lets you run along the rafters.

See the rock Tilo's standing on here? (He's actually floating above it for some reason) -

...If Tilo gets to the top of that rock, it's likely to cause the immediate surrounding area to stop rendering. Here's two shots of the glitch to see it from different angles:

Since the floor in the third screenshot has disappeared, if you drop Tilo down below it and then go back up to that area, it'll fix itself, so it's not totally game-breaking but certainly worth checking out.

I hope these have been helpful and not just annoying.
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'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
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Thank you for your report Uberskunk! We're not tired of you, don't worry! :D

What you're doing is helping us make the game better and we appreciate that! :)

All the issues you mentioned will be fixed in the upcoming build update.
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