[6.30] Issues

For PC (Windows) specific help with technical issues running the game.
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Sorry don't have time now for individual topic.

[*]Was able to complete the lost squad quest at the commander with only two of the obdols

[*]clippable stone walls appearing around the main keep, such as in the garden and kitchen. I assume fudged work to fix the visible unloaded areas.

[*]The ointment for the Commander's ringtail is still a placeholder icon in inventory

[*]Ambient area sounds play on title screen

[*]Sometimes when being chased the chase music cuts out when breaking line of sight with guard

[*]The water drip particles in the barrel room are broken in the cupboard

[*]When asking Rolo about the cypher messages he still talks about using a candle with the maps and coordinates even though this was never implemented to my knowledge

[*]Reports from friends about dualshock controller button prompts being incorrect

[*]Pine cones don't play explosion sound effects

[*]On the catacombs map tilo's position seems wrong and the marker for what direction he is moving is backwards

[*]No sound effects play when Ravik breaks the chest

[*]Was the gender supposed to change in the Guilded Warrior song after learning the truth? I can't remember. Anyways it doesn't.

[*]If you open the inventory/quest/etc panel while jumping Tilo hangs in midair

[*]The Apiary quest is incompleteable if you put all the queens in the hives before ever meeting Ouma Reizza.

[*]Reported during final QA but when you are doing the smuggler quest activating the banner in the distillery produces normal Faustus dialog, you have to talk to him again directly to get the termite banner dialog.

[*]Saw in a stream that the red mist keyboard binding didn't seem to do anything for someone, only worked on a controller.

On another note the problems people are experiencing with the title screen not displaying was fixed for my friend by running the clear preferences batch file. Leftovers from the early access builds maybe?
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