The Lost Squad and Five Smugglers Quest Progression Bug

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So I currently have the two quests in the title active. I have noticed that the Lost Squad quest, updates the objective every time you find an obol. This means that as you are doing the Five Smugglers quest, the Lost Squad quest will progress every time you pick up a marked obol. It said i had 6/3 lost squad members found at one point. Now this is the bug part, but it is also making my ocd hurt real bad. I can't find the third squad member, and there is the achievement for killing all the spiders in dwindling heights, so i assume that the third squad member is by this spider. I found the two spiders by duinlian, and the respective remains of the soldiers. Anyone know where the third soldier is?

Also sorry to turn my bug post into a question about the quest. I had finished the Lost Squad quest in a previous playthrough (i abandoned it because a bug prevented progress through the story missions) and while i thought i found the third guard, I actually think i completed it because i found the obol you get from the rampart guard before i began the quest.
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